Virgo 23/8 – 22/9

If you were born at the beginning or end of a sign, you might need to have your horoscope calculated to determine which Sun sign you have, because the Sun doesn’t go into a sign on exactly the same day and/or time a year.


Symbol: the Virgin – representing purity of motive, modesty, industriousness, and service of oneself and one’s talents towards helping others.

Dominant keyword: I ANALYSE

Your element: Earth

Your ruling planet: Mercury – ancient god of communication and commerce.

Your stone: Sapphire – brings tranquility of mind and protects against illness and injury while traveling.

You Virgo


You often find your fulfilment in serving others and this tendency could also determine your career. Helped in this by a warm heart for others you remain optimistic in your faith in human nature and are able to bounce back when others may become discouraged.  This can translate into a strong loyalty, making you a valuable friend and partner.      


Your strength and principles mean that you are likely to be the one that’s around when all else fails. This counts for the work environment as well. Diligence, duty, application, perfection – these are some of the key words in describing a typical Virgo and these traits pay dividends at work and at home. You can be unseated, however, when your need for order is frustrated. Pay attention to your own needs in this area to give yourself the best chance to function well.  


You’re probably wondering where your thoughtful, sensitive and creative side comes in. It’s certainly there and provides the counterpoint to your more grounded aspects – a counterpoint that makes you truly interesting and a desirable and delightful life partner. You are a lively and stimulating personality, not scared to commit and often an excellent organiser. Choose a partner that can support and appreciate you. And one that is not easily critical!