If you want to understand more about yourself and how you interact with the world around you, your Astrological Star Profile (THE BOOK OF YOU) can be of help. Find out what your birth chart says about your talents and potential, about the person you are and your capacity to deal with the challenges of life.

What’s the difference between a ‘birth chart’ and the ‘horoscope’ I see in newspapers and magazines?

Horoscopes include everyone with the same sun sign (for instance, Aries). They are purely determined by the position of the sun over a period of roughly a month. In contrast, your birth chart is a map of the entire sky at the exact moment, place and date of your birth. Your very own and unique, personalised horoscope!

How is my Astrological Star Profile book made?

When you order THE BOOK OF YOU, we ask you to provide us with accurate birth information. We then retrieve a chart of the unique position of the sun, moon and planets as they were situated at the moment of your birth. It will be interpreted according to established, astrological methods in order to create an accurate, personal birth chart. All insights are brought together in a personalised hard cover book. It´s a personal, astrological reading that interprets your birth chart as it comes to personality, talent and potential.