If you were born at the beginning or end of a sign, you might need to have your horoscope calculated to determine which Sun sign you have, because the Sun doesn’t go into a sign on exactly the same day and/or time a year. 

Scorpio 23/10 – 21/11

Symbol: the Scorpion – a secretive, deadly creature that can poison its enemies. Its sting is often fatal.

Dominant keyword: I DESIRE

Your element: Water

Your ruling planet: Pluto – ancient god of the netherworld and of the dead.

Your stone: Topaz – releases occult powers and brings serenity of mind. It also protects from enemies and illness.

You Scorpio


Deep, intense, remote – these characteristics do not hide an unlovable or scary personality and can be fascinating to some but people sometimes have to work hard to get to know the true you. It is perhaps the more spiritual and the more daring who get to understand Scorpio the best – and discover the rewards of knowing these fascinating and often powerful personalities.  

Winning ways

Equipped with passion and drive, you can and do succeed in achieving your personal and work goals. A leadership role doesn´t make you any more approachable, of course. Fiercely focused on the important issues, you are not distracted or entertained by chat and gossip. This also makes you less of an easy, gregarious, networker but Scorpio may magically seem to control information and benefit from connections while avoiding overt office politics.    


Yes, you have the tendencies of a winner, including stickability. Scorpios don´t give up easily. They may also not forget easily, leading to that sting-in-the-tail image (which probably comes more from the scorpion´s physical characteristics). Nevertheless, while you may be slow to forgot and forgive and are known to sometimes even seek revenge, you are also, once commited, a caring and fiercely loyal partner and friend.