Sagittarius 22/11 – 21/12

If you were born at the beginning or end of a sign, you might need to have your horoscope calculated to determine which Sun sign you have, because the Sun doesn’t go into a sign on exactly the same day and/or time a year. 

Sagittarius 22/11 – 21/12

Symbol: the Archer – representing directness, high aims, a love of outdoor activity and the chase.
Dominant keyword: I SEE
Your element: Fire
Your ruling planet: Jupiter – the most important Roman god, ruler of the heavens.
Your stone: Turquoise – attracts love, protects from harm, and gives its wearer the ability to see into the future.

You Sagittarius
A free spirit, you are driven by the desire to move on, discover and explore. This may often mean travel but can also mean that you have read, thought and searched inwardly for knowledge and wisdom.

Your forward momentum and outgoing, social nature make this trait a useful one. You do expose yourself to risks but recover well when things don´t turn out quite the way you wanted. Resilience and adaptability are not just evidence of a naïve optimism. Adaptating to change requires great intelligence and can surprise those who only see your easygoing, straightforward exterior.

You have a built-in tendency to tell it like it is. This is just how you are and is not a symptom of being manipulative or unloving. Friends and partners should be able to handle this aspect of you if they are in for the long haul. The payback that you offer is your interesting life and positive attitude. You enrich the lives of those around you when they share in the excitement and fascination that characterise your own voyage of discovery.