If you’re a thinker, you’ll know that when you take time to reflect, you’ll be able to deal with daily life issues in a better way. And you’re not the only one. For centuries, wise thinkers and religious leaders have used meditation and reflection as a way to better understand themselves and all that surrounds them.  

What does an Astrological Star Profile mean? Do I have to ‘believe’ in astrology?

See your Astrological Star Profile as a mirror that reflects your personality and your potential. You don´t have to agree with it. You may not even agree with the precepts of astrology itself. However, your Astrological Star Profile may stimulate you to reflect on who you are and how you engage with others and the world you live in. Besides that, it’s fun and fascinating to read. For yourself and those who are close to you.

For whom the Astrological Star Profile (THE BOOK OF YOU) is intended?

By experience, we know that a variety of people find this professionally crafted, personalised, hard cover horoscope book extremely interesting and entertaining. That’s the intention in the first place. The book, with your name on the hard cover, uniquely records your birth information. THE BOOK OF YOU contains an insightful - and perhaps challenging - profile of yourself. It’s also worth considering the book as a personalised and unique keepsake for your family and close friends.