Gemini 21/5 – 20/6

If you were born at the beginning or end of a sign, you might need to have your horoscope calculated to determine which Sun sign you have, because the Sun doesn’t go into a sign on exactly the same day and/or time a year. 

Gemini 21/5 – 20/6

Symbol: the Twins – associated with duality, humanism, versatility, communication.

Dominant keyword: I THINK

Your element: Air

Your ruling planet: Mercury – ancient messenger of the gods.

Your stone: Agate: a multicoloured precious stone that protects from deception and falsehood, and bestows eloquence, especially in declarations of love.

You, Gemini: 
A light touch – and always in touch! 
You cover a lot of ground, absorbing as you go. So you are well-informed across a wide variety of subjects. The digital tools of the 21st century fall easily to your hand and you delight in the broad spread of information they effortlessly bring you – and the easy contact with other people. You love to communicate and will talk, chat and interact more than most. 

Cutting to the chase 
This gregariousness can show in your chosen occupation. Being in touch – with dynamic, fast-moving people, markets, data – is what turns you on. Dealing, broking, trading and media are some of jobs that appeal. Boring, static, administrative matters can suffer in the process. Often successful, you can also skirt the brink of financial disaster in the heat of the chase – an unsettling and (watch out!) perhaps alienating experience for those around you with a more conservative take on life.       

Your ability to make money, conversation and impact makes you stand out – quite attractively! Though your high energy, ‘always on’ profile may also polarise opinions about you. You won’t be deterred of course! Nevertheless, both you and your potential partner are well advised to choose carefully before making a commitment. Your ‘chattiness’ alone requires someone who can give as good as they get – or just patiently and endlessly absorb…