Cancer 22/6 – 22/7

If you were born at the beginning or end of a sign, you might need to have your horoscope calculated to determine which Sun sign you have, because the Sun doesn’t go into a sign on exactly the same day and/or time a year. 
Symbol: the Crab – possessing an impenetrable exteriour covering soft flesh underneath.

Dominant keyword: I FEEL

Your element: Water

Your ruling planet: the Moon – Earth’s one satellite, which waxes and wanes and exerts a powerful magnetic influence.

Your stone: Pearl - changes bad fortune into good and discord into harmony. It also brings support from influential people.

You, Cancer: 
Worth knowing
You are a fascinating and loving personality – as those that are fortunate and patient enough to get to know you will find out.  Those who don’t may only experience the outside shell of Cancer. This can hide the secret source of your many faces and moods. To experience the Cancer personality only from the outside can therefore be confusing.

A challenge
While your soft centre makes you ideal for work requiring care, empathy and understanding of your fellow humans, you can surprise or even shock with emotions that well from the complex world within you. Contradictory? No one said Cancerians were easy to understand! While how you feel inside may change from day to day, it is perhaps this volatility that makes you such an empathetic - and attractive individual.

A delight 
Against this background of change you exhibit some surprising characteristics. You value stability, a nurturing and warm home environment - and financial security. Saving may extend beyond money – into interesting collections. And your empathetic and deeply emotional nature makes you the most wonderfully romantic lover and partner.