Astrological Relationship Analysis – The book of you two


THE BOOK OF YOU TWO compares the horoscopes of two individuals, brought together by love. This relationship analysis highlights the characteristics and similarities between two persons in a positive way and focusses on the possibilities of a relationship. It’s a positively written book, it won’t focus on possible difficulties. THE BOOK OF YOU TWO is the ideal wedding gift but it’s also perfect for other situations and events concerning love.  

  • Hard cover, image wrap (personalised cover – NO dust cover)
  • Names + photo on the cover
  • Birth details on page 4
  • Completely personalised 
  • Global character description of both persons and comparison between the two
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • 50 – 60 pages
  • Room for 3 – 5 photos + a foreword/dedication (page 3), these pages also can be left out or empty
  • Delivery within 2 -3 weeks
  • AUD 150 excl P&P rates (AUD 12.50)

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